Friday, April 11, 2014

Gallery: "Passionlip"

This gallery is dedicated to Passionlip, a High Servant created by BB in Fate/EXTRA CCC resembling Sakura Matou. She has had part of her arms turned into gigantic talons. Passionlip, also known as Alter Ego M, represents one of the sensuous parts of the female body, the breasts. Behind her Masochistic Predisposition lies a loving, friendly girl with a love for desserts. Just don't hurt her feelings, or you'll be Trashed and Crashed.

Creator: hiroyama hiroshi

Creator: テル

Creator: 娯楽人

Creator: うぐあん

Creator: 浅見

Creator: ヤマネコ

Creator: ほふる

Creator: 小鹿りな

Creator: 熊鍋@ミユキ

Creator: 呉

Creator: エイコ

Creator: 杉崎佑@ついったー

Creator: フジヤマ

Creator: るか

Creator: ふいな

Creator: あほ毛/茶月@CCC3周目!

Creator: まいか

Creator: ゴミはゴミ箱へ

Creator: しおり

Creator: 単4。 @修行中.

Creator: 種馬君

Creator: U_Rei_3

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