Sunday, December 28, 2014

More Fate/stay night for 2015? Yes, please.

With Fate/stay night's 12th episode airing last week came the 30 second preview for the series' 2nd season.

If you ask me though, 30 seconds is just enough to get this hype train started. It has everything from Lancer and Archer's showdown, to Saber in a wedding dress (wink wink), and even Illya drenched in blood (wink wink WINK). The awesome factor is pushed to 10 when the visage of Unlimited Blade Works towers over Archer. Hopefully he'll get the screen time he deserves, lol

And don't forget, an animated film of Heaven's Feel is right on it's heels. Here's hoping it'll get the Kara no Kyoukai treatment and get multiple installments.

Prepare to never look at worms the same way again.


  1. Here's hoping! Heaven's Feel is where my hype is at the moment, UBW is just some tasty eye candy.

  2. You and me both. 2015 is looking awesome! We can't forget about the second season of Fate/kalied, either :3

  3. Indeed. I've quite enjoyed the Kaleid animation thus far.