Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Saber to appear in upcoming Nitro+ fighter

With all the announcements of upcoming fighters Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V - what about the doujin fighters? Surely they don't expect me to be satisfied with Person 4 Ultimax and Guilty Gear Xrd? Well, did.

Anyways, this week's Famitsu revealed that game developer Examu (Arcana Heart, AquaPazza: Aquaplus Dream Match) is working on a new fighting game starring the heroines of Nitro+ ( a Japanese visual novel computer software company), and joining the roster is none other than Fate's Saber!

Titled Nitro+ Blasters: HEROINE INFINITE DUEL, other characters include Ein from Phantom of Inferno, Dragon from Dra+KoI, Mora from Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia, Natsumi Aibara from "Hello, world.", Sansei Muramasa from Soukou Akki Muramasa, Spica from Sumaga, Aino Heart from the Arcana Heart series and even Super Sonico, the mascot of Nitroplus’ annual music festival, makes her official fighting debut! SUPER-FREAKING-SONICO!
Looks like aerial combat is going to be awesome.

The game seems to have a support character system in which the partner protects and/or attacks alongside the main fighter. Looks like you can choose up to two.

I can definitely see Nico as a grappler-type fighter.

Looks like it's the same Saber from Fate/Zero, but we'll see.
A Japanese arcade release is slated for 2015. As a Nitro+ fan, here's hoping it'll come stateside! I also want to see characters from their previous Nitro+ fighter, Nitro Royale: Heroine's Duel. Saya, anyone?


  1. That's very interesting.

  2. Extremely. Especially to me - I love doujin fighters. Hopefully this won't get lost in the sea of obscurity lol

  3. Ahh, but it happens to a lot of them.

    Speaking of which, I should probs play Melt Blood or something sometime soon. I've been feeling the urge to.

  4. Hmmm...didn't know you knew of Melty Blood - I'm planning on doing a review of that next. Care to do a collaboration if you have time?

  5. I'd love to. My January Term's coming up, I'll have time.

    (Don't know Melty Blood? Lol, what do you take me for?)

  6. Great! Had to ask, didn't know if you were the fighting game type lol
    I'll send you what I have so far, and we can go from there :3

  7. That'll work nicely... I'll have to install it again. Sounds fun.